About VKOC

About Us

We love the outdoors!  Plain and simple, and we want you to enjoy it too.  It is our goal to provide opportunities for outdoor enjoyment to visitors and residents alike. We welcome groups and clubs to come enjoy our facility year-round.  By igniting a passion for the outdoors we learn the significance of our role as caretaker of the world around us. Help us continue the efforts of those who came before us, and foster the passion of those who will follow.


Bike - Walk - Run - Hike - Paddle - SUP - Kayak - Canoe - Fish

Yep! You can do it all at VKOC. The last remaining hammock in Miami-Dade County provide the ideal backdrop for active and passive outdoor recreation.  VKOC offers rental equipment, instruction, souveniers, guided tours, workshops, group activities, day-camps, summer-camp, and the best snack shop on the island.


We want you to enjoy the outdoors.  VKOC strives to open the doorway to nature.Our center operates with ecologically sound policies. Educational opportunities abound. With your help, VKOC will be recognized as a world class outdoor center in the heart of Miami. Help preserve this wonderful island for generation to follow. Be a part of the revolution.  We can have it all.  It just takes a little care to maintain balance.

Discover Virginia Key

Virginia Key Outdoor Center (VKOC) is a full service outdoor recreation center.  We offer equipment rentals, lessons, private and group tours, corporate outings, private parties and the best kayak and paddleboard tours in town. But wait, there's more.  At VKOC we have Miami's only mountain bike trails.


Rentals are available daily so you can experience a stress free outdoor adventure seven days a week.  Guided and self-guided outings are available year round.


Winters are spectacular with herds of manatees inhabiting our little lagoon.  Starting late 2018 visitors can enjoy these giant sea mammals from one of our clear canoes.  It's like a glass bottom kayak adventure just for you.


Summer brings bio-luminescent organisms to our waters. Enjoy and evening paddle where you can see stars in the sky and stars in the water. 


Independence Day and New Year's Eve are special at VKOC. With nearby fireworks on display we have the best secret spot. Join our celebrations with BBQ, live music, and fireworks you can watch from your kayak and paddleboard. Beach viewing is also available.  These are must do events.


Located on a tranquil lagoon, adjacent to the ocean we are Miami's premier outdoor destination. We are your in-town gateway to the outdoors.  Our nature viewing is exceptional.  Virginia Key, boasts of pristine coastal trails with highly endangered flora. A hammock nestled among an urban metropolis, this island presents opportunities for residents and visitors to connect to the outdoors and Miami’s history.  Opening pathways to nature – take a guided walk on a nature trail, paddle above manatees gracefully swimming in the gentle lagoon current, Virginia Key OC is magical place within minutes of the city. 


With miles of trails and surrounded by water you can bike, paddle, run, or walk.  Kayak fishing, swimming, snorkeling are only footsteps away.  Don't leave without visiting our snack shop.  We have cold drinks, and delicious treats. 


And as an added bonus and rarely found in a park - showers, and clean air conditioned bathrooms.  Really!  Come visit, become part of the VKOC family. 


Enjoy Miami's wilderness, it's near, it's right downtown.