Virginia Key Outdoor Center

Virginia Key Beach North Point Park

3801 Rickenbacker Causeway

Miami, Florida 33149


Ph.  786.224.4777


Open 7-Days a Week*

M-F   9am to 5pm  Dec 26-Jan 5

        10am - 5pm    Jan 8 - Feb 9

        10am - 6pm    Feb 12 - Mar 9

        10am -  7pm     Daylight Savings

                                Mar 11 to Sep 3


Sat., Sun. 

8am - 6pm  Dec 1-Mar 10  EST

8am - 7pm  Mar 11-Sep 3  EDT




Labor Day                9am - 7pm


Thanksgiving Day    8am - 2pm


Black Friday (11/26) 9am - 5:30pm


Christmas Eve           9am - 2pm


Christmas Day          1pm to 5pm


New Year's Eve         8am-6pm


New Year's Day         12pm to 5pm






We Open early and stay late for group fitness, group tours, and special events.


*In the event of adverse weather this facility may close.  For details, please call 786.224.4777 or email


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