CoVID19 - What you need to know

Welcome Back

Re-Opening on Monday, June 8th

Reopening is a vital part recovery. Only by being vigilant and conscientious can we ensure our safety. 


Rules & Procedures

As we begin on this new path we will continue to make adjustments to our procedures to ensure we are providing you with a safe environment. This includes sanitation, physical distancing and limits of what and how we engage in activities, safely.  Rules will be strictly enforced.




Keeping areas and equipment is key. Please se VKOC's sanitation protocol below.  VKOC has handwashing and sanitation products available for its customers.


CDC guidelines for distancing will be strictly enforced. This includes number of customers in the shop, at the bike rental area, and at the kayak launch. Tours may be limited and split into smaller units to accommodate requirements.


Limits on gatherings will be strictly enforced. Please see CDC Guidelines for most recent recommendations. Gathering limits will be posted onsite as you arrive.