Fernanda Casasbuenas
Founder and Principle at
Play Learn and Be Fit

  • Yoga
  • SUP Yoga
  • Kid's Green Camp
  • Special Events

Fernanda teaches a heart opening practice. Bring your children and join Play, Learn & Be Fit, an innovative systematic approach that teaches how the body and mind work and how to take care of them. Fernanda addresses the physical, socio-emotional, psychological considerations creating an environment where parents, child, teacher, caretakers can play smart, learn and be fit.


Practicing activities that grow with children, through adulthood and lead them on a path towards a healthy, calm and balanced life.


• Budokon Yoga

• SUP Yoga

• The Art of Movement

• Music

• Breathing Techniques

• Flexibility

• Nutrition

• Eating Habits

• Arts & Crafts

• Stability, Strength, Balance, Stamina & Flexibility

• Coping Mechanisms for Dealing with Stress

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