We rent kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and sea kayaks!

Learn to paddle or improve your skills.

Lessons are available (in English and Spanish) from ACA Certified Instructors.

Ask about group rates for our guided kayak

and paddleboard tours.

Full Moon & Bioluminescent Paddles

Miami Full Moon Paddles and Bioluminescent Paddles at their finest.  Join us under the glow of the full moon.  Kayak, Canoe, Paddleboard.  Or wait for the New Moon and enjoy the magic of stars in the water as marine plankton produce bioluminscence.  Best viewed during the darkest of evenings and between the months of June and October, the waters of our lagoon flicker with light.

SUP Yoga, Yoga,

& Fitness

We have SUP Yoga, traditional Yoga, and Fitness!  VKOC offers paddleboard yoga, yoga, and paddleboard fitness classes.  Special package rates are available.

Surf Ski Center

Join The Paddle House for fitness paddling, competition and skills workshops.

Not to mention one of the fastest human powered rides on Earth!

Join our Surf Ski Club today, race tomorrow!

Bicycle Rentals

We rent bicycles!  Check out our Family Fun Pack for great savings.

Lessons are available (in English and Spanish) from skilled instructors.

Ask about group rates and guided bicycle tours.

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