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Family bike ride

Beginner Bicycle Lessons

Learn How To Ride

At VKOC we take pride in the services we offer. That means we provide only quality equipment that is well maintained. Our staff is trained and educated. Most importantly, we care about our customers. When you choose VKOC for any service we step up and above standards. Check our reviews. Our customers are our best references. Whether young or young at heart we can help you ride a bike.

What We Cover
  • Bike Parts

  • Brakes and Shifting

  • Pedal placement for riding

  • Seat height and why it matters so much

  • Tires and the importance of proper pressure

What You Will Learn
  • Balance

  • Body position 

  • What to do and when

  • Mount and dismount

  • How to avoid a fall

  • Turning and signaling

  • Safety and the law

Kids 1 Hr Private
$85 per child including bike rental and helmet

$65 per child using their own bike


Adults 1 Hr Private
$95 per adult including bike rental and helmet

$75 per adult using their own bike

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