Locals Only Adventure Pass

kayak paddleboard and bike rentals


It's at least 10-hours of rentals or $15 per hour, or less.  Why at least or less than $15? Because we discount the additional hours to only $8 each.  That means you can enjoy at least 10-hours at a greatly discounted rate. 



The Locals Only Adventure Pass is available only to residents of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Local state issued ID that is valid and not expired is required for all rentals.



-10-Hours of rentals for a single or double kayak or standup paddleboard (paddle craft) or bicycle

-Paddle crafts are single and double kayaks, and paddleboards

-Bicycles are mt. bikes and cruiser bikes

-You can mix and match your 10-hours

- Discounted Guided Tours (Sunsets, Full Moons, Coastals, and Manatee Photo Safaris)

-You can share it with a friend or family member

-See VOUCHER REDEMPTION for usage instructions and restrictions

- Discounted Rates on Selected Group Outings

- Locals Only Events & Outings



-Come to VKOC during regular hours 

-Pick your favorite activity

-Give us your voucher number and ID, fill out some paperwork

-Go paddle or ride

-When you return we apply your voucher towards your rental period

-We send you an update email with your remaining voucher balance



-All rentals are available during regular business hours, walk-up only, no reservations

-Minimum rental period is one hour

-"Start By" means when you arrive in the rental office to complete your paperwork (arrive by 10:30 am on a weekend and you're covered)

-"Rental Period" means each 1-hour period or a portion thereof. There are no half-hour rental periods.

-"Rental Period" starts once you receive your equipment

-Standard late return policies and penalties apply

-All rentals are subject to weather and availability

-You can only claim the voucher for up to two paddle crafts/bikes at a time (weekends and holidays), or 4 paddle crafts or bikes at a time (midweek)



-Vouchers may be used for rental periods of up to 2-hour for paddle craft or bicycle time during one day (See examples below)




-Bike and Paddle all in one day

-1-single kayak and 1- double kayak for 1-hour

-1-single kayak and 1- double kayak for 2-hours

-2 double kayaks for 2-hours

-2 paddleboards for 2-hours or  2 bicycles for 2-hours

-2-bicycles for two-hours and two paddleboards for two hours (midweek)

-2-bicycles for one-hour and two paddleboards for two hours, or vice-versa (weekend and holiday with 8am start)

 Not allowed

-10 paddle crafts for 1-hour

-10 bicycles for 1-hour

-More than 2 paddleboards or kayaks on any weekend or holiday; 4 midweek

-More than 2 bicycles on any weekend or holiday; 4 midweek, in one day


Group Rates


If you have a group (10 or more paddle crafts or bicycles, please contact us for group rates)


-Advanced reservations are not available for voucher redemption.

-No reservations are needed but you should contact us to make sure equipment is available. By email info@vkoc.net, by phone 786.224.4777



-All vouchers must be redeemed within 1-year of date of purchase.

-Vouchers not redeemed within 1-year of purchase are NOT lost. 

-Expired vouchers are good for $15 discount per unused voucher hour, plus 10% discount on all rentals.

-Expired vouchers can be used as discounts towards regular rates, groups, or retail services. 


-Vouchers have no cash value and are non-refundable



-Use provided safety equipment

-Be conscious of your environment

-Leave No Trace (leave our beaches cleaner than you found them)

-Take lots of photos


-Have FUN!!