Miami River Paddle With Shawn Beightol

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All reservations must be finalized by 4pm, Sunday, August 9th.  Thank you.

Trip Details

Get your history on with Shawn Beightol on the Miami River.


Bring your own or rent at special friend of Shawn rates.  All reservations must be made by 4pm Sunday, August 9th.

Social distancing and masks on land required. 


The kayaks and equipment will be at the launch site Monday morning.





We will launch from the 11th Street bridge over Wagner Creek at the intersection of 11th St and  NW 8th Street Road Park in Spring Garden (1140 NW 8th Ave Miami, FL 33136...or for you GPSers 25.784460, -80.210232).

The Culmer Metrorail station is 600 feet east of the launch site and has plenty of paid parking.  Unload at the NW 8th St Road frontage, park, walk back and prepare.  One of us will likely already be at the launch site to watch gear while you park.

There is additional parking along 11th Street next to the Station.

I suggest arriving between 8 AM and 830 AM for the planned departure at 830 AM.  We will return by 1230 PM.

If you rented a kayak from the Virginia Key Outdoor Center, the kayaks will be delivered to the launch site in Spring Garden.  Do NOT go to VKOC to pick up your kayak.  You will not get your kayak there nor have time to return and depart with us.

I checked the bridge clearance both at high tide and at 1.5 hours before/after high tide.  At high tide, clearance is tight but do-able.  We will be launching at low tide and returning 2 hours prior to high tide:  For Monday, tides are: low tide occurs at 8:48 AM on the river.  High tide occurs at 2:43 PM.  The difference is 2 ft in clearance so we start with 3 feet of clearance and return with about 2 ft of clearance.  I attached a picture of the unloading area of the park. 


If, for some reason we were detained inexplicably for 2 hours,  there is a back up launch/recovery site on the East bank of the Miami River on the south side of the Flagler bridge – the fence is gone and the land slopes down to the water right by the bridge.  This may be worth making a mental note if you decide to do this on your own and tides aren't in synch with your schedule for the Spring Garden launch.

We will paddle north initially, to the 836 and learn about the early springs that were present, the Allapattah hunting grounds, tomato fields, the Miami Country Club Golf course, and adjoining Halissee Hall before returning down stream to the bridge.

We will be paddling on the Miami River for most of the paddle (5 miles round trip).  The river is a working river with freighters, tugs, work boats, barges, and pleasure craft coming and going in fairly narrow waters.  Stay attentive, look around, follow the group to the sides when you see it necessary (or because you want to hear the tour).


Weather should be perfect. Little chance of rain, light east winds (8 mph).  Current will be offset by tide and breeze going out.  Returning the breeze will be at our back with incoming tide assisting against current.


The interactive tour map can be found here:


You can open it up on your phone and use it while we paddle.  I will also attach a kml file for those of you who like to use your GPS.

If I have talked to you about paddling with me from my apartment, I am leaving the apartment at 715 AM.  Please arrive prior to that and be ready for paddling at 715 AM (you can park on 22nd Place).


Bring your paddles, PFD/life jacket, sun screen, hat, water/drinks (2 L is a good amount for a summer day), seat/cushion, bowline to tie off your boat, lunch, phone/camera. 


Feel free to call, text or email me for clarifications.



Shawn Beightol