Beach Takeover at Virginia Key Beach North Point

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Juan Turro Memorial Beach Cleanup (February 13th @ 9AM)

Beloved father, son, brother and life partner, Juan A. Turro died suddenly at age 52. Juan will be dearly missed by family, loved ones, furry friends and friends near and far. Anyone close to Juan knew he was very passionate about the environment and loved the outdoors and the natural world. He was very committed to recycling and minimizing his personal environmental footprint.


A meticulous recycler, he often became very frustrated and sad when he saw waste along our coastlines and in nature and would do what he could to pickup trash as he came across it on kayak and camping trips. He was even known to take recyclable items from work sites to his own home for sorting. He strongly felt if everyone could do their small part, it could really add up to something significant.  


We will be honoring Juan’s memory this day with a socially distanced and responsible beachside cleanup focusing on some neglected areas on Virginia Key.  Virginia Key was a place he and Yvette would frequent by Kayak and relax on the various beaches and islands. We will offer both kayak and shoreside cleanup options. We would love everyone who is interested and able to participate at whatever level they are comfortable. Please contact Yvette at 305-803-9701 with any questions.

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