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Frequently Asked Questions

Know before you go

The Essentials

What do I wear?

When it comes to kayaking or paddle boarding, it is best to be prepared for the elements. Our guides typically wear swimsuits or dry-fit clothing. Bring clothes and shoes you are okay getting wet. When it comes to shoes, its up to you! Sandals, Crocs, and Water shoes are okay to bring. In the winter, bring a light jacket as it does get chilly.

When renting bicycles, you must wear closed toed shoes.  Unless there's a cold front coming down, wear light clothing.

What should I Bring?

We suggest bringing the following:

  1. Reusable Water Bottle

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Change of Clothes

  4. Hat

  5. Towel

  6. Dry bag.


If you forget something, VKOC has a stocked snack shop and sells towels, waterproof phone cases, and more. 

Is there an area to store personal items?

Yes! Customers can leave behind keys, bags, towels, and more behind the desk inside our retail room. 

Will I get wet if I go Kayaking or Paddle boarding?

It is highly likely you will get wet when kayaking or paddle boardingYour feet are likely to get wet when launching into the water, and your paddles may drip water into the kayak as you paddle around. 

Will I be given a helmet / lifejacket?

When renting a bicycle, all rentals come with a helmet. Helmets are required when riding the Virginia Key North Point Trails.

When renting a kayak or paddle board, all participants will be fitted for lifejackets. You must have a lifejacket on to depart our facilities. 

Do I need to have experience to rent a kayak or paddle board?

No experience is necessary! Beginners are welcome, The only prerequisite is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Our sheltered lagoon is the ideal place for first timers. Our staff members will show participants proper technique and water safety prior to leaving. 


I am stuck in traffic, can I reschedule my reservation to a later date or time?

No problem! Be sure to call or text 786.224.4777 and we'll get that settled for you as soon as possible. You can also email Rescheduling to specific times or date is subject to existing availability.

It's raining, can I still go out?

Plenty of times it is raining on the mainland and there isn't a single drop of rain on Virginia Key.  Be sure to give us a call, text, or email to know about the conditions on site. 

Customers can depart VKOC if it is raining. However if staff deem the conditions as hazardous, there will be a pause on all rentals until the weather passes.

Can I add equipment to my existing reservation?

If we have equipment available, this is not a problem. Please call/text 786.224.4777 or email to add equipment to your reservation.

Something has come up, can I cancel my reservation and receive a refund?

Refunds are available for those that cancel 24 hours prior to their reservation. Day of cancellations will be offered a credit for a future rental. All cancellation requests must be emailed to

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