Fridays At VKOC

Turn your child's time off from school into an outdoor adventure at Virginia Key Outdoor Center. We have great activities and responsible instructors to keep them engaged, learning skills they enjoy, having fun and making new friends.  


In order to practice social distancing, all groups will not be larger than 6 participants. There will be one Counselor per group. Masks will be required during all passive activities and to enter our retail area and bathrooms.

Boys' Group Schedule

October 23rd - Mountain Biking Skills (Ages 8+)
October 30th - Kayaking & Paddleboard
November 6th- Mountain Biking Skills (Ages 8+)

November 13th - Kayak Fishing (Ages 8+)
November 20th - Friendsgiving Potluck + MTB (Ages 8+)

December 4th - Kayaking & Paddleboard
December 11th - Mountain Biking Skills (Ages 8+)
December 18th - Mountain Biking Skills (Ages 8+)

Girls' Group Schedule

October 23rd - Sand Castle Building Contest + Kayaking/SUP
October 30th - Halloween Coconut Decorating

November 6th- Coastal Exploration Kayak / SUP
November 13th - Bike Riding to Historic Park
November 20th - Friendsgiving Potluck + Snorkeling

December 4th - Bike Ride
December 11th - Coastal Exploration Kayak / SUP
December 18th - Eco-Ornament Building

Day Camp Rules & Policies

  • All activities are subject to weather.  Camp will take place rain or shine.  Final determination will be made by Program Organizers only.  Keep in mind that rain in Kendall does not equal rain on Key Biscayne.  Weather changes quickly in Florida.  The instructor(s) will have sole discretion over rescheduled or activities changes.
  • Each parent or guardian is responsible for the safety of his/her child(ren). The instructor(s) or premises owners/tenants will not be held liable for any event(s) occurring before or after camp.
  • Your child’s safety is important.  Participants must wear clothing appropriate for the events.  Participants who fail to dress appropriately will not be allowed to participate.  No refund will be provided for their inability to participate.
  • Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. Please make sure your camper is wearing sunscreen or can apply it independently; our counselors are not permitted to apply sunscreen on your child. Rain gear may be needed at times.
  • On bicycling days campers should wear fitted pants or cycling gear.  Loose fitting pants can get caught in gears and are not allowed. Sneakers or biking shoes are needed.  Open toe shoes will not be allowed on the mountain bike trails.  All participants must wear helmets (which are provided).
  • On water activity days your child should wear swim wear designed for sports.  Revealing swimsuits are not allowed.  Athletic quick drying gym-wear is best.  Water shoes, or strapped sandals are fine. Your child should always bring a towel and dry change of clothes.  Safety equipment is required and must be worn (this is provided).
  • Disruptive behavior cannot be tolerated.  This can ruin the experience for all other campers. Any child exhibiting a lack of self-control, violent behavior, or refusing to follow instructions or wear appropriate safety gear will be expelled from camp.  A parent or listed authorized person must immediately pick-up the child.  Unused session fees will not be refunded and will not be credited towards future events.
  • We will only release children to individuals a parent or guardian identifies on the registration form.  If your child has a car or is allowed to leave alone, or with a friend, you must provide written permission. 

Electronic Release Form