Catch the Sunrise!

You know the old phrase, the early bird catches the worm! Wake up and start the new day on the water with us! We'll be paddling out of Jimbo's Lagoon and watching the Sunrise over the Atlantic! After the sun rises, we will be doing a short paddle to the  North Point of the island and catching a glimpse of the Miami Skyline! 


  • Paddleboards: $45
  • Single Kayaks: $45
  • Double Kayaks: $85
  • BYOB pp (Bring Your Own Boat/Board/Bike | Book One per Person): $25

What's included?

ALL Rentals include your selected equipment, paddle, safety equipment, life jacket, light and guide.


If you bring your own boat or board you MUST have your life jacket, audible signal device. Each boat or board must have a light as required by US Coast Guard requirement for all crafts on water at night. Equipment must be seaworthy and free of dangerous defects.


Parking is FREE. Park admission of $8 is waived.

How Hard is this?

This paddle is suitable for experienced beginners. Conditions will determine length and final route. Not recommended for first time paddleboarding or kayaking. We will paddle at a leisurely pace.

What Should I bring?

Bring any comfort items you may need, a towel, bug spray (just in case, it is Florida), maybe a change of clothes. If you left it behind we probably have it available in our shop.


VKOC has private bathrooms (that are stocked), outdoor showers, and a snack and soundries shop on premises.