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Guided Tours

The Virginia Key Outdoor Center offers private and public guided tours every week. Click on the buttons below to experience the real Miami and discover Virginia Key on a kayak, paddle board, or bike! Contact Us in order to schedule a private outing!

Sunset Kayak and Paddle Board Adventure

Come across our Magic city! Join us as we chase down the sun and catch the ocean's breeze.

Coastal Eco Kayak, Paddle Board, and Snorkel Tour

Learn about the ecological and historical significance of the island on this 2-hour kayak and paddle board Eco excursion. Participants will have the opportunity to encounter wildlife such as Herons, Egrets, Osprey, Manatees, Pelicans and Dolphins. (April - October Only)

Full Moon Kayak and Paddle Board Tour

Settle back and delight in the stars glimmering above the Miami Skyline and Port of Miami. We will then begin our journey back and watch the radiant Full Moon rise before us and guide our way back to the Outdoor Center.

Manatee Photo Safari | Kayak and Paddle Board Tour

Multiple Manatee families have made a home out of our Lagoon and absolutely love to pose for the cameras. Come join us in the early mornings or late winter afternoons for an exclusive Manatee Photo Safari with an occasional dolphin or two! (November - March Only)

Sunrise Kayak and Paddle Board Session

You know the old phrase, the early bird catches the worm! Wake up and start the new day on the water with us! We'll be paddling out of the Manatee Lagoon and watching the Sunrise over the Atlantic! 

On The Land

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Sunset Bicycle Tours

We'll be riding from the Outdoor Center to the Bear Cut Bridge to catch the sun set over the horizon! It is a beautiful experience. We will ride at a leisurely pace. This ride is suitable for beginners. 

Guided Nature Hikes

Go on a nature walk through out Virginia Key North Point with with an experienced naturalist guide to see an array of beautiful birds, plants, and other wildlife. Day and night time hikes available.

Ride Through History - Day Time Bicycle Tour

This six mile bicycle tour is designed to give you the best views of Miami and learn about the beauty and history of Virginia Key.  From the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park to the Old Crandon Zoo, there's something for everyone to see and hear.

On The Water

Guided Mountain Bike Trail Ride

Whether you are an experienced rider looking for different terrain or a beginner looking for adventure, this ride has it all! Discover Virginia Key as we ride through the Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trails. Catch the stunning city and ocean views from the comfort of your bike!

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