Kid's Mountain Bike Camp

I bet you wish this were for you.  It could be be.  Maybe.  But this time it's for the kids. Learn to ride like a pro.  This one week camp will teach you what you need to succeed, on the trails.




Camp is open to children age 8 and over

Children must be able to ride bicycles




Camp hours are 10am to 3pm

Early drop-off (8:30 am) and late pick-up (6pm) are available




Two sessions are available

June 26-30

July 24-28


FREE Parking at VKOC


Fees, per person, per week:

$285 Early Registration until June 1st

$325 After June 1st


To pay directly email or call us at 786.224.4777 Ext 3


Rates include the use of a mountain bike and helmet.


Camp is offered in collaboration with HB Bikes







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Registration Forms

VKOC Kids' Camp Registration and Release
Please complete and return by e-mail to
If you have any questions, please call 786.224.4777
Thank you
VKOC Kids Camp Registration and Release
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Mountain Bike Intensive Just for kids
Children must be able to ride bicycles.



Participants will learn skills to ride safely and successfully, including


·       Technique


·       Repairs and maintenance


·       Safety


·       Nutrition and hydration


·       Etiquette on trails


·       Emergency management



Course Outline




·       Day 1     -  Equipment inspection, rider Assessment, equipment adjustments,  emergency management, ride


·       Day 2     - Skills course, technique, control, tires and brakes in  varying terrain,  emergency maintenance


·       Day 3     - Jumps, turns, runs, shifting for success, skills course, ride and assessment


·       Day 4     - Mechanics of mtb cycling, gears, speed, parts and bike maintenance and repairs, ride, fitness and hydration


·       Day 5    - Skills course competition and assessment, group bbq, trail race and assessment



Assessments to be filmed for group review


Rates include the use of a mountain bike and helmet



REGISTRATION available at


·       $285  Early Registration ends June 1st


·       $325  After June 1st



·       Early Drop Off $25/week (8:00am-9:30am)


·       Late Pick-Up   $25/week (4:00pm-6:00pm)


·        Both early and late:   $40/week


·        Equipment Fees are included


MTB Camp is offered in collaboration with HB Mountain Bike


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