Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Here's your chance to unwind on the water! Virginia Key Outdoor Center hosts Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Classes on selected dates all through out the month! If you're an instructor that is interested in organizing a class at VKOC, please email

Get a Better Workout

Poses on a SUP board tend to give a greater challenge to the quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees – and especially the core area – because of the modifications to create balance in the pose.  

Develop Mindfulness

Paying attention to every breath and body movement, every placement of a foot, leg, or arm. You don't have to be an advance paddle boarder or Yoga Student. Simple yoga poses are all you need to develop body awareness – taking them on the board just enhances that awareness.  

Experience the Outdoors

Everyone could use a change of scenery every now and then! All of our classes are done inside our calm lagoon which is sheltered by the wind and currents. An array of animals call Jimbo's Lagoon their home such as Herons, Manatees, and more!