Surf Ski Training

Fitness paddling, racing, ultra light and efficient, great in the surf and so much fun.  Surf Skis, phenomenally popular worldwide, are just starting to resurface in the United States. 


Weighing in at average weight of 28 lbs, 20' long, less that 20" wide, these sleek paddling machines provide their motors (you) with effortless glide over the water.  Initially they seem unstable until you get these rails on water moving.  Then watch you!  You're off and surf means little more than an opportunity to surf in at over 10 mph! 


To schedule a Surf Ski paddling lesson please contact us at


Class Fees (per person):


$125  Private 1-hour session

$  85  Semi-Private 1-hour session

$  65  Small Group (4-6 participants)


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