Botanical Walk

Surrounded by plants it’s often easy to miss the wonders that grow beneath our feet.  Flora on Virginia Key is sometimes large and bold.  Look at the Gumbo Limbo, Coconut Palm, Mangroves, and Sea Grapes for examples of large plants.  Others are petite and appear delicate like the Maiden Berry. 


Rare Plant Species of Virginia Key
Locally rare: Balloon vine, Beach-tea, Sevenyear apple, Ocean morning glory, Mangrove rubbervine
Locally imperiled: Florida vente conmigo (I love that name!)

State protected: black mangrove, white mangrove, red mangrove, sea oats

State endangered: beachstar beach-peanut, mangrove mallow

State threatened: Florida silver palm, maidenberry, darlingplum, inkberry, Biscayne prickly-ash

Federally endangered: beach clustervine

Federally threatened: Johnson’s Seagrass

Commercially exploited: coontie